Voloinpendio.it is the passion of a group of friends for architectural and project techniques about model building.
Our story begins in 2008, when we started to develop new building techniques by ourselves, inspired by pure curiosity.

The 2011 was our turning point. A simple and ambitious idea was fulfilled: we created our first acrobatic glider, in order to realize flight with the highest acrobatic performance in the simplest way of piloting and unique flying elegance.

“Graecalis” was the name of the project. We created some models just for few friends with a 380 cm wing span: it was a success, in fact the model was reproduced by “Flight Composites”.

In 2015, Voloinpendio.it appears on worldwide market of aircraft modeling as a company that produces “Graecalis 3.0” full composite and painted in the mold: the sample was similar to the one produced in 2011, a little bit smaller and with a lot of improvements in aesthetic and flying elements. It was a huge success: over the mountains all over the world, Graecalis was flying.

In 2016, we decided to bet on something new: we created, in collaboration with Giuseppe Ghisleri, a maxi flying wing (wing span 330 cm), called “Cobra”, with the same architectural and manufactured techniques used for “Graecalis”. “Cobra” is unique in his harmonious lines with his 6-moving-commands: this is the reason why it can fly in every weather condition and it is so easy to fly.
Nowadays, Voloinpendio.it is an important reality with his partners all over Europe and the entire world. This is not a ending point: we have a lot of ideas to realize, a lot of things to make come true, as “Vettore” our new model for 2018.

“Vettore” will be an “all around” glider to make some acrobatic flight and to enjoy the most every single weather thermal condition.

Follow us to find out and to learn about all our project .

Breathe in the nature. Enjoy the flight with Voloinpendio.


Giammarco Piunti

Michele Mancini

Stefano Ercoli