Wingspan: 290cm
Weight(OD Version): odv 4,8kg
Weight(FS Version): odv 5.0kg

Our ARF kit includes (all composites parts are painted directly in the mold) details of Kit:
– Fuselage
– wings (carbon/fiberglass)
– wing joiner stainless steel rod 14mm optional carbon wing joiner for electric version
– tailplane (fiberglass + carbon reinforced)
– rudder (fiberglass + carbon reinforced)
– airon pins for wings
– canopy: -> you can choose Carbon Canopy or classic Canopy tray +glass

we are producing 3 Line of product( white line, Basic line, Delux Line)….

White Line: are intended models with only white paint (up/down)

Basic Line: are intended models painted with 2 different colors (you can choice the colors; yellow, black, blue, red, green, white, orange)

Deluxe Line: NEWS 2018 , in delux kit you will find the fuselage repainted in the junction line ,only available in standard colors, not fluo or Carbon see trough


Bags for wings e tailplane : 120€
Bag Fuselage 90€

RTF Work ( we can offer the service to assembly. )
Work of assembly and setup model -> 450€

Accessory kit -> 50€:
– plywood servo base
– plywood ribs for fuselage
– plastic bases for ailerons/flaps servos
– bakelite control horns
– T-shirt

Carbon Wingjoiner (recommended for electric setup) 35€

The delivery time For ARF kit is 30/45days…

The delivery time For RTF kit is 45/75days.


A name from the wind

Our first acrobatic glider,  designed entirely by us, now produced in series Full Composites by in version 3.0 (3 meters).

Entirely designed in cad 3d, it has a wing with a BEX1809 profile, the result of Claudio Becchetti’s commitment (our friend from Perugia).

Color Scheme

Graecalis OD Version


Graecalis FS Version